Enhanced Features

The Adis Rapid+ team cares about its authors, and we aim to give them what they want. So when our authors told us they wanted an exciting way to showcase their articles, we listened. All articles have the option of hosting enhanced features which sit alongside the articles online, freely available to all readers. All journal articles and enhanced features are hosted both on SpringerLink and on this bespoke website.

All features are thoroughly peer reviewed to ensure the content is of the highest scientific standard and all features are marked as ‘Peer reviewed content’ to ensure readers are aware that the content has been reviewed to the same level as the articles they are being presented alongside. Moreover, all sponsorship and disclosure information is included to provide complete transparency and adherence to good publication practices. This ensures that however the content is reached, the reader has a full understanding of its origin. 

Summary slides are open access and published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial (CC-BY-NC) licence. Copyright for any other enhanced content such as animations, videos or other formats of multimedia is retained by the author.

Submit your enhanced features either when submitting your article or at any point post publication. We understand that this material may not be available at the time of publication and alert all our reviewers that additional materials may be sent to them for review post publication. Contact if you have any questions regarding enhanced features or for details on how we can create them for you. 

Below are some examples of the types of enhanced features we can support you in the development of. However, this is not an extensive list and we are flexible with the type of content we can accept or help you create. This could include a mixture of multimedia formats including audio and video. 

Summary slide

Published with every article for a succinct overview of the paper. Easy to read and digest, for patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. Built from content supplied by you in the submission process, and easily spotted in Google searches, attracting an even broader audience. Their purpose is to ask two questions: why you did this study and what you learned? Authors are supplied a link to their summary slide post publication for them to tweet to their network of colleagues.

Slide decks

Summarize your article in bullets and graphics, for a more extensive summary of the key facts and figures. Create your own for us to host, or let our team do it for you. Perfect for readers who want their data in a nutshell, or to enable others to present your findings to colleagues.


Authors are welcome to submit a video to enhance the educational value of your article. Authors may present the key findings of their research with a video abstract, or demonstrate a device or procedure. We additionally accept other types of videos that accurately represent the article. 


Change 2D figures into living, moving, educational tools. Ideal for displaying mode-of-action or complex flow charts. We can create these for you quickly and easily.

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